Takeshi Satoh
CEO of Pacific Hospitality Group


I became attracted to the spa industry while working on resort development and construction management projects. Starting Pacific Hospitality Group from Japan and now expanding globally, especially into Asia, I have had meaningful encounters and build strong relationship with numerous partners and clients.

At the time when our company was established in 1999, the Western spa business market was still focusing on stress reduction and anti-aging skincare. Nowadays, however, the rapid growth of the Asia market has shifted customer demands to a more diversity of services that revolve around wellness, healthcare, destination resorts.

The more technology development such as ICT and AI advances, the more increasingly necessary it becomes for the spa industry to base our communication with people on analog. We strive to create unique, original services and products that are versatile in capabilities to integrate harmony, nature, traditional culture and challenge creativity, innovation. We hope to share with our partners and clients our constant growth and success of our business as well as our brand UMUI and Nippon Spa College.


Pacific Hospitality Group offers a comprehensive scope of consulting services that covers both pre and post-opening processes of spas in resorts or city central hotels, hot spring facilities and salons. We can support your business in  service strategy, income  and expenditure planning, budget planning, equipment procurement, interior design, recruitment, human resources training. With nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, our expertise will lead your business to success.